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ABB Drives

ABB, with a history spanning over 130 years are world leaders when it comes to the automation of industries of all disciplines all over the globe. Recognised around the world for its accuracy and reliability, ABB maintains it market leadership in many areas of automation technology.

ABB Motor Drives, a vital component of the expansive ABB offer, are at the backbone of modern global industry playing a vital role in applications in a myriad of installations. Typically, the most common use for motor drives is in the control of fans, pumps and compressors, accounting for around 75 percent of all Motor Drives use.

Featured ABB Drives Products

Durable and capable, ABB’s impressive range of Motor Drives have been designed to improve reliability and energy efficiency, reducing total cost of ownership while supporting productivity. ABB’s Drives are designed to vary the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to an electrical motor, controlling speed, enhancing process control, reducing energy and optimising applications that rely on electric motors.

ABB manufactures a broad range of Motor Drives for a huge range of applications including heavy industry such as mining and oil processing, industrial process automation and control installations including conveyor and liquid pumping systems, press tools, irrigators and much more. Drives have the capacity to control the ramp-up and ramp-down of a motor during starting and stopping and are the driving force behind familiar devices such as lifts and escalators.

Kempston Controls is an ABB Drives supplier partner with masses of stock ready for shipping, here are some of the ABB Drives products you will at Kempston Controls:

ABB Drives

Inverter Drive
General Purpose Drives
Machinery Drives
Variable Speed Drives
And much more

Kempston Controls has thousands of ABB products available ready for shipping. Call us today using the number above or email us at to discuss your ABB Drive requirements.

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